Модульная стенка в гостиную в современном стиле


Модульная стенка в гостиную в современном стиле

Modular wall living room modern design, which is a collapsible design, consisting of several elements. Such modules allow you to change the interior of the room for a short time, as their components are easily disconnected.

Modular walls – what are they

Modern modular wall in the living room are characterized by the compactness and practicality. Typically, structural elements spacious: one or more of them is equipped with shelves. Sometimes the components are even used cabinets. In this case, the modular wall to conveniently store my clothes.

Модульная стенка в гостиную в современном стиле

What makes the living most people? Statistics show that many people prefer to communicate not only in this room for guests, but also to watch TV. That is one reason why modular walls often there is an opening where you can put or hang the TV.

The other components of the modular walls may vary. However, they are United in one style and color scheme.

How to choose the design of the modular wall

The modular wall in the living room in a modern style, as a rule, is selected in accordance with the color scheme, which blends perfectly with the environment. However, it is possible to select and style the rest of the interior:

  1. In the room in a minimalist style, usually dominated by 1 to 3 colors. In this case, the color of the modular wall is selected under interior shades. The universal tone is white: it goes with any other colors. However, please note that when you buy a massive modular wall units in white color you will have to wipe it regularly, otherwise blinding whiteness will soon come to naught.
  2. If you make a living in the ecological style, you’ll fit modular wall “under the tree”. As a rule, are more preferred bright colors, for example, birch. Put on shelves flowers vase light green hue.
  3. The style of hi-tech focuses on high-tech elements of the interior. If you buy a modular wall for this style, it is recommended to choose the one with the large opening under the TV. The wall should not stand out – choose the monochrome option under the color scheme of the rest of the furniture.
  4. With regard to modernity and post-modernity, these styles are characterized by rejection of stereotypes and everyday life. It is recommended to use metallic shades and glossy surfaces. To decorate a modern modular wall in the living room will allow the original paintings in the style of abstract art and statues.
  5. Art Deco in the interior analogue of the bygone Baroque to modern times. This splendor, latitude. Modular walls are often decorated with inlays and gilding. Mirrored surfaces are rarely used, most preferred combination of gold and black.
  6. Pop art – a combination of sharp, bright colors, unusual design items. Have you ever seen some paintings in the style of pop art? Now imagine the whole living room! This style is an explosion of colors, so it is characterized by bright shades. Buying a modular wall, pay attention to eye-catching tones. While decorative elements are much to be expected. If you can’t find a suitable option, give preference to the glass surface. Inside the lockers you can put different vibrant statues or even pictures.
  7. Shabby chic – beauty in obsharpannosti. Artificially aged furniture, dull interior, but at the same time this home – the perfect style for creative people. Modern modular wall in the living room you can pick up under this style. Give preference to the dim, dark wood, that seems to be covered with dust.
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Модульная стенка в гостиную в современном стиле

A modular wall for a small room

If your living room is not size, you can buy modular corner wall. Plus this design is the ability to adjust the “shape” of the room. Thus, choosing a modular wall, pay attention to where it will stand. Maybe in the corner it’s not just going to take more space, but also will look more compact.

Модульная стенка в гостиную в современном стиле

Modular or freestanding furniture

If you have ever self-collected furniture from IKEA, don’t know what furniture. These decorative items consist of individual parts and provided in the form of designer “DIY”. If you are smart enough to call the master for assembling is not required, but better to do it with someone for a couple: if the items are heavy, fragile girl is unlikely to keep them for a long time.

Модульная стенка в гостиную в современном стиле

Furniture can significantly save on transportation (furniture pieces will go in even in an average car, don’t need to order truck) and Assembly (pick your own interior according to the instructions, without using a wizard). However, keep in mind that modular furniture you will spend much less time and the probability of error in the Assembly will tend to zero.

Unusual design solutions

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Modern modular wall in the living room you can organize a very original way:

  1. A sea wave. The interior in the style of minimalism is mostly used in the combination of black and white that looks unusual and edgy. In this case, the designers went ahead and made all the more soft and calm.
  2. Isolation. A modular wall may not consist of several elements. Quite possible to recreate a unitary structure in the form of rectangle with beveled edges.
  3. Coffee color scheme – great in combination with leather chairs the color of chocolate milk. The modular wall can consist of all shades of brown from light beige to dark chocolate.
  4. The transparency of the glass – a combination of light blue and white. It would seem that this option is more suited to a wave of the sea, but he’s more like the calm surface of the lake. Anything extra: only a small dresser and a few horizontal shelves.
  5. But the unusual option for the living room in the style of hi-tech. Under the TV there is a space where you can put a video or speakers.
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Модульная стенка в гостиную в современном стиле

Modern furniture is comfortable and practical, it is necessary only to select those models that fit the interior of the housing.

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